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NCH buyback

Concerning the NESS v1 --> NESS v2 fork
NCH Buyback plan
We have set the initial buyback ratio of NCH:NESS to 200.000:1. This means that for every 200.000 NCH 1.0 you will receive 1 NESS. However this ratio decreases every two weeks once the program has started. The buyback program ends after the 12th week.
-> You can revisit your NCH holdings on the old blockchain if you set your mobile wallet's node URL to:​
Since the current NESS Coin Hours can not be ported onto the new chain, we have set a ratio NCH/NESS and conduct a buy back from NCH owners. This will be the first ‘swap back’ of Coin Hours in history.
1st and 2nd week: 200.000:1 (100% of the ratio)
3rd and 4th week: 285.714:1 (70% of the ratio)
5th and 6th week: 500.000:1 (40% of the ratio)
7th and 8th week: 1.000.000:1 (20% of the ratio)
9th and 10th week: 2.000.000:1 (10% of the ratio)
11th and 12th week: 4.000.000:1 (5% of the ratio)