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Our Philosophy & Fundamentals

These are the standards we hold to our work, the rules we play by, our vision and our goals.


  • No central authority
  • No central server
  • Everything must run on single-board PCs like Raspberry Pi


  • Thin services, thick clients
  • Many small services for different needs
  • The server that facilitates micro-services is called Node

Registration in blockchain

  • Every user has one or many key pairs and one current key pair
  • User info and user public keys are stored on the blockchain
  • Node info and node public key are stored on the blockchain


  • User has key pair(s) to encrypt/decrypt messages and files also sign messages and files.
  • The communication between User and User is encrypted and signed also communication between User and Node is encrypted and signed.
  • The user also can have symmetrical ciphers for different purposes.
  • The Node does not see communication between Users.

Coin Hours (NCH) a payment system

  • The NESS tokens you hold in your Fiber Wallet generate NESS COIN HOURS (NCH) 1:1 on an hourly basis. NCH is the currency we accept as a payment method for our services.