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License Acquisition & Implementation

Every node needs its own license. For a cluster of five nodes you need five licenses. The corenode licenses from the Genesis edition are still valid and you will be able to run nodes with them. Contact the team for this as we progressed from the idea of utilizing license NFTs.
You have the hardware and software set up, last thing you need is to acquire a license to receive NESS rewards. You can find native NESS trading pairs on XBTS, sign up using our referral link:
  • The price for a license is 20.000 NESS (twentythousand NESS).
  • You can claim the 20.000 NESS back when you don't want to run the node anymore.
  • You are able to acquire it anonymously. There is no KYC in the PrivateNess ecosystem.
  • The Emercoin daemon that is installed on your corenode is monitoring your corenodes up-time
  • No limit on how many corenodes can join the network.
On start, your corenode will trigger our VRF to generate a unique ID (you find it in /home/nodeID). This ID will be saved publicly on the Emercoin blockchain, the EMC NVS. Your deposit of 20.000 NESS, specifying the wallet the corenode rewards should be paid to and the corenode's unique ID.
Payouts will be issued every 3 hours. There are no penalties or slashes if your corenode was not able to performed 83.35% of that cycle, you simply won’t receive a reward. If the up-time is above 83.35% within a 3 hours cycle, your rewards will be distributed to the wallet address you have provided. 83.35% of a day equals an up-time of 20 hours precise, it allows for 4 hours downtime. We considered unreliable power grids as a point of failure that should not discourage you from running a corenode. If your power grid fails and you miss a payout, there are 5 more payouts you can score within that same day.
We do not set a limit on how many corenodes can join the network. At one point, the price and supply of NESS will naturally curb the growth of the network: 100 corenodes lock 2.000.000 NESS, 1.000 corenodes lock 20.000.000 NESS which is about one third of the open market supply. The entire open market supply of NESS allows for 3.250 corenodes.