PrivateNess Network

Genesis License Corenodes

The Genesis fundraising was conducted in October and November 2020. Participants were able to obtain a Genesis corenode license package. The packages came at a cost of 0.5 ETH and included additional perks and services, such as pre-configured VPS hosting for 6 months and CloudNess access. All Genesis License packages are still valid and are considered as we launch the corenode reward program and our first services.
We shifted from the idea of using EmerDPO license NFTs (while still utilizing Emercoin, the EmerNVS), we are developing an easier-to-use system of processing and handling the seed phrases and keys that does not involve a middleman. This is merely a technicality which does not compromise the initial Genesis package deal. Still, Genesis holders own 20.000 NESS. In addition, Genesis holders will receive a buyback at 200.000:1 ratio of the NCH their NESS holdings have accumulate on the old blockchain.
When the Corenode Reward program is about to start, the Genesis license holders will be contacted by the team personally or given priority access to the reward system setup process.
In any case, a fiber wallet address is required to receive the buyback and the rewards.
Please ask an admin in the Telegram groups for access to the "PrivateNess | Noderunners" group, it is invite only.