PrivateNess Network

4. EmerNVS for Blockchain-as-a-Service

Emercoin offers an impressive collection of sub-systems, such as encrypted Key/Secrets Keeping, DNS and SSL with near-zero fees. EMC is also a non-fungible coin. Anything that can be identified by a SHA-256 hash can be recorded as digital, tradable, unique asset.
EmerNVS stores data in the blockchain by a set of name -> value pairs
Name = label for the stored data, up to a length of 512 bytes.
Value = the data itself, up to a length of 20*1024 (20kb).
Emercoin allocates up to 20kB for value, enough to fit public keys for most modern cryptographic applications. We consider a cryptocurrency blockchain to be an extremely reliable place to publish and maintain public keys for many cryptographic applications such as SSH/SSL certificates. Like regular payment transactions, NVS pairs stored in the blockchain also get confirmations during block generation, and are virtually immune to being altered by a ‘Man-in-the-Middle’ attack.
Since the blockchain is a trusted data store protected from unauthorized modification, it is a great foundation for the deployment of cryptographic Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Digital Proof-of-Ownership (DPO), immutable record keeping, timestamps, and other distributed services.