Dear Skyminers!

Dear Skyminer Node Runners,
we at PrivateNess have now everything in place to launch our Corenode Reward Program, a five years incentive program for our NESS Corenodes. This will allow us to jump-start our micro-services economy using NESS COIN HOURS (NCH) as the currency of your ecosystem. Just like SCH, our native currency NESS mints Coin Hours at a ration 1:1 for every hour it is held in a fiber wallet.
We are looking for experienced Skywire Node Runners that are interested in supplementing the profitability of their gear by dual-mining SKY and NESS at the same time. Please see our documentation for more details about how to acquire a mining Licence. We will create an opportunity for you to pay for these Licences with SCH.
-> Read more about Corenode License Acquisition & Implementation
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