Getting Started with PrivateNess
A Beginner's Guide | To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before
Content is subject to change and is updated continuously. The tutorials are written in rookie friendly language. We want you to be able to join our community and network without prior knowledge of Linux or Raspberry Pi. Do not fear the terminal!
If you find outdated information or if you are unable do follow the instructions, please send an e-mail to the author enrico.privateness at protonmail dot com
Please note: We are currently developing our products and services. Some are ready, some are accessible for internal & public testing. The tutorials you see here will all be subject to change as the final versions of the wallets, the corenodes, the services etc. will be released. Using a Virtual Machine to test the software is recommended.

What do we do?

PrivateNess Network provides network obfuscation and data security services for end-users and enterprise-level clients. We provide you easy access to decentralised network protocols such as DNS, SSL and IPFS storage that allow for uncensorable website and web app hosting. We are a globally positioned community project with a decentralised, virtual governance concept. As a crypto/blockchain project with its own cryptocurrencies we have created a unique zero-emission, circular economy around our tokens NESS and NESS COIN HOURS (NCH).

About Encryption

The strength of any encryption depends on the source of randomness with which the seed keys have been created. If the source of randomness is insufficient or compromised, the encryption is unsafe. Our blockchain agnostic VRF service (Verifiable Random Function) is powered by our state-of-the-art Ultra-High Entropy Pseudo Random Number Generator (UHE-PRNG) which operates at 1536 bits of internal state entropy. Current Random Number Generators which are widely used provide 128 bits of state entropy. We over-deliver by magnitudes and purposefully with future use cases in mind, specifically open metaverses and the DeFi sector.

A New Economy

Our services are embedded in a zero emission and circular economy of our own making. We have two crypto currencies of our own, NESS and our fuel token NESS COIN HOURS (NCH). To gain access to our services, you need to acquire NESS and hold it in its native wallet. You will no be spending the NESS you own to gain access to our services: Your NESS holdings will mint NESS COIN HOURS at a ratio 1:1 for every hour you hold it in your wallet, you pay for services in NCH. There is no lock-up period for the NESS you hold, you can sell it at any time. We have built our ecosystem with affordability, sustainability and corruption resistance in mind. There is no KYC (Know-Your-Customer) program in our ecosystem, we do not need to know who you are and you do not need to interact with us.

Jump right in!

Tokenomics of our ecosystem

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